Warranty claims and returns

1. Damaged or defective product should be returned to the address of the company with a “return” annotation.

2. After receiving the parcel and accepting the warranty claim the cost of the returned product is withdrawn. Each warranty claim is examined within 14 working days from the date of its receipt. Any faulty product will be exchanged for a product of full value. If an exchange is not possible, the shop will return the purchaser the equivalent price of the product and the shipment cost or offer a different product.

3. The purchaser may withdraw from the contract and cancel the purchase for any reason within 14 days from the moment of delivery receipt, among others on the basis of ready-to-use withdrawal form. Returned product must be accompanied by a written statement of withdrawal. The shop guarantees repayment of the amount equal to the price of the goods to the customer within 10 working days by bank transfer on account specified by the buyer along with any fees, including delivery cost. Note, that if the purchaser selected other delivery method than the cheapest ordinary shipment method offered by the shop, only the cost of the cheapest ordinary delivery method will be returned.

4. An entrepreneur running a sole proprietorship, who does not use the store as part of his professional activity (hereinafter referred to as the Privileged Entrepreneur) - a natural person using the store, including in particular making a purchase not related to its business, due to the product's nature, resulting in the conducted business activity based on the provisions on the Central Registration and Information on Business (the definition is valid from 01/01/2021 together with the regulations in the content of the regulations regarding of this entity). When filling in the order form, the Privileged Entrepreneur declares that the order is not related to his/her professional activity by clicking the checkbox under the order form. The Privileged Entrepreneur has the right to withdraw from the contract on the same terms as the consumer.


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